Turning the Front Door into a Statement Piece

As president of Discount Builder’s Supply, Charles Goodman oversees all of the company’s departments. For more than 50 years, Discount Builder’s Supply has provided San Francisco with the largest selection of windows and doors to accent any home. Charlie Goodman leverages his more than four decades of industry experience to maintain the department’s reputation.

The front door plays a major role in pulling together the look of a home and welcoming guests inside, but finding the right door to really make a statement can be rather difficult. First, homeowners must figure out what door material will provide the statement look they are hoping for. Doors are typically available as solid wood, steel, or fiberglass. All materials hold color well, but some colors may appear slightly different on wood. Wooden doors can provide a bit more depth than steel or fiberglass, though they are more expensive.

In terms of style and color, most doors have a glass front, sidelight, or paneling design. Paneling is best suited for doors that are painted a bold color, such as dark purple or even orange, while sidelight doors make single panel doors look larger. However, due to the size of sidelight doors, they are best suited for more basic colors that will not overwhelm the home. Meanwhile, glass front doors are often paired with bright colors such as yellow because the glass prevents the color from being too much.

Hardware is just as important as color and material when it comes to making the front door a statement piece. Door knockers, doorknobs, and other hardware pieces tie the features of the door together and make it appear complete.


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Common Types of Window Materials

An experienced leader within the building industry, Charles Goodman of San Francisco is the president of Discount Builder’s Supply. He oversees operations in all departments, including doors and windows. Together with his team of experts, Charles “Charlie” Goodman provides customers in San Francisco with a complete range of window materials designed for all types of buildings.

There is a wide variety of window materials available, and each has its own unique look and advantages. Wood is a more traditional material for windows, but it is still very popular. Although hardwood windows are often more expensive, they are very versatile and can easily be painted or given a natural finish to match most homes. They also are relatively easy to protect, requiring only some oil or paint. For many older homes that still have wood windows upgrading to vinyl windows is often a better option. Vinyl windows are currently the most commonly used material, and they provide better heat and sound insulation while having lower maintenance requirements than most other materials.

Commercial buildings are more likely to use aluminum windows because they are stronger than both vinyl and wood. Aluminum keeps framing widths as small as possible, and it can support larger pieces of glass, ensuring buildings get the most out of their window space. Fiberglass is another popular choice for buildings with more regular designs. It is also very strong and has good insulating properties. However, since fiberglass cannot be bent, most specialty window model are not available with the material.

Understanding that purchasing new windows is a big investment and an important decision, the staff of Discount Builder’s Supply is committed to taking the time and answering all questions to ensure customers are able to make an informed choice. The staff will knowledgeably address all measurement, hardware, and style and color queries. For more information, visit http://www.discountbuilderssupplysf.com/departments/doors-windows.

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How to Tell When Gutters Need to Be Replaced

For more than 30 years, Charles Goodman has been the president of Discount Builder’s Supply, San Francisco’s largest independent hardware store. Charlie Goodman is committed to ensuring residents of San Francisco find the materials for any job around the house, including gutter maintenance.

Gutters may seem like a fairly minor part of the home, but they do a lot in terms of protecting the building from water damage. If gutters are maintained properly and regularly cleaned, they can last for several years, but eventually gutters must be replaced. A major sign that it is time to replace gutters water leakage from the joints. While this can sometimes be fixed without replacing the entire gutter, most of the time the gutters are too deteriorated to properly repair. Another sign that gutters need replacing is water just sitting in the gutter. This means there is a draining problem that may be irreparable.

Sagging gutters or gutters that hang low around the house are typically too old to be securely reattached. This sign is easier to catch since it does not rely on rainwater. and it alerts homeowners to the problem before water starts pooling around the home’s foundation. Severely cracked or dented gutters should also be replaced because they disrupt the flow of the water as it drains.

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An Overview of Mount Zion Health Fund

Previously a San Francisco building materials general partner from 1967 through 2000, Charles Goodman has served in various other capacities, including as the chairman of Shifting Gears USA and a chairman emeritus of Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance. An active community member, Charles Goodman also operated as the mayor of Ross, a town north of San Francisco. As part of his charitable work, Charlie Goodman has raised funds for organizations like Mount Zion Hospital.

Established in 1887, Mount Zion Hospital is committed to serving individuals in need through its teaching, research, and patient care divisions. Part of the network of hospitals of the University of California, San Francisco, Mount Zion includes a cancer center, women’s health center, and the UCSF Patient Health Library.

The library and other improvements throughout the hospital’s history were funded partially or wholly by Mount Zion Health Fund (MZHF), which was formally established in 1990. Committed to supporting the hospital’s traditions, MZHF maintains membership in the Peninsula, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, and Marin and Sonoma Counties. Past MZHF grants have been awarded to expand the Sonoma County Jewish Free Clinic, fund a school sports injury outreach program, and provide one-on-one counseling for caregivers.

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Services Offered by Hospice By The Bay

A pre-war car collector and former building materials executive, Charles Goodman has served in a number of positions in and around San Francisco. Notably, Charles “Charlie” Goodman raised over $500,000 for San Francisco’s Hospice By The Bay as chairman emeritus of the Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance.

The second-oldest hospice in the country, Hospice By The Bay was founded in 1975 as Hospice of Marin. Accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program, it is dedicated to caring for families, patients, and other members of its community and has signed the Spectrum Pledge for LGBT Equality. A nonprofit organization, Hospice By The Bay provides a wide range of services, including pediatric and advance care planning.

Able to care for children from newborns to teenagers, Hospice By The Bay has social workers, home health aides, and spiritual support counselors, among others on its staff. The hospice can also help parents deal with high-risk pregnancies and provide either in-home or facility aid for youths in need of care. For patients in need of advance care planning, the hospice hosts a number of free seminars on subjects ranging from estate planning to information on future health care decisions.

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About Myotonic Dystrophy

Charles “Charlie” Goodman, a San Francisco-based businessman, has over four decades of experience in the building industry, having served as the general partner of Goodman Lumber Company. Previously the mayor of Ross, California, he is involved with a number of charitable organizations in and around San Francisco. Charles Goodman’s Shifting Gears USA has raised more than $400,000 for organizations dedicated to combating Myotonic Dystrophy.

Myotonic Dystrophy is divided into two types, depending on the disease’s point of origin and the age of the individual at the time of onset of the disorder. Both types appear as gradually increasing muscle weakness and can manifest in young adulthood or adulthood. Affected people have at least one parent with the disorder, regardless of whether the person has Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 (MMD1) or Type 2 (MMD2).

MMD1often begins in the affected person’s teenage years and impacts about 5 to 20 per 100,000 people throughout the world. MMD1 is marked by progressive muscle weakness from the outer digits inward, cataracts, delayed muscle relaxation, and a possibly shortened lifespan, depending on the severity of the disorder.

A rarer and less severe form of the disorder, MMD2 begins in central muscles, such as those of the hips and other weight-bearing areas, before slowly progressing outward. Myotonic Dystrophy often appears earlier and more severely through successive generations, a process known as anticipation.

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Shifting Gears 2015 to Benefit Beyond Differences

A former leader in the San Francisco building-materials industry, Charles (Charlie) Goodman also served as a three-term mayor of the town of Ross, a community north of San Francisco, and as chairman for the Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance. Charles Goodman currently chairs Shifting Gears, a car rally that has raised funds for a number of non-profit organizations.

In October 2015, the three-day Shifting Gears event will benefit Beyond Differences, which works to end social isolation for youth and promote inclusion in schools. The organization focuses primarily on middle schools, and works with both student leaders and classroom teachers.

Based in Marin County, California, Beyond Differences currently operates in eight area middle schools, with the help of more than 120 students and educators who participate in the organization’s leadership programs. The organization strives to proactively address social isolation to prevent teasing, bullying, and violence in schools.

To inspire student-led change, Beyond Differences provides leadership training and free materials so that students can host inclusive special events where all students feel accepted. Beyond Differences also maintains a number of ongoing initiatives, including “No One Eats Alone,” to prevent social isolation ,and “I’m In,” against online bullying. For more information, please visit http://www.shiftinggearsusa.com.

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