Charles Goodman on having a car hobby

Charles Goodman has enjoyed an avid participation in the car hobby for almost
fifty years. His interest in automobiles began with the joy of operating a “driving
machine,” which grew into an appreciation of the beauty of design, and currently
revolves around the responsibility of maintaining and encouraging the future of
this true American Heritage. At age 20, Charles bought his first car, a1926 Model
T Ford, which still holds a cornerstone space in his collection.

He has served as a Board Member of both the Le May Museum and Auburn
Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum . Charlie was also the founder and past
Chairman of the Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance.

As a result of many of his friends asking him to start a new fundraising venture,
and also realizing that there is a growing interest in the enjoyment of driving their
vehicles rather than simply displaying them, Mr. Goodman founded “Shifting
Gears” in late 2012. Shifting Gears can be found at

He started his career at Goodman Lumber Co. in San Francisco and and spent
twelve years on the Ross Town Council in Marin County.

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