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Turning the Front Door into a Statement Piece

As president of Discount Builder’s Supply, Charles Goodman oversees all of the company’s departments. For more than 50 years, Discount Builder’s Supply has provided San Francisco with the largest selection of windows and doors to accent any home. Charlie Goodman leverages his more than four decades of industry experience to maintain the department’s reputation.

The front door plays a major role in pulling together the look of a home and welcoming guests inside, but finding the right door to really make a statement can be rather difficult. First, homeowners must figure out what door material will provide the statement look they are hoping for. Doors are typically available as solid wood, steel, or fiberglass. All materials hold color well, but some colors may appear slightly different on wood. Wooden doors can provide a bit more depth than steel or fiberglass, though they are more expensive.

In terms of style and color, most doors have a glass front, sidelight, or paneling design. Paneling is best suited for doors that are painted a bold color, such as dark purple or even orange, while sidelight doors make single panel doors look larger. However, due to the size of sidelight doors, they are best suited for more basic colors that will not overwhelm the home. Meanwhile, glass front doors are often paired with bright colors such as yellow because the glass prevents the color from being too much.

Hardware is just as important as color and material when it comes to making the front door a statement piece. Door knockers, doorknobs, and other hardware pieces tie the features of the door together and make it appear complete.


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How to Tell When Gutters Need to Be Replaced

For more than 30 years, Charles Goodman has been the president of Discount Builder’s Supply, San Francisco’s largest independent hardware store. Charlie Goodman is committed to ensuring residents of San Francisco find the materials for any job around the house, including gutter maintenance.

Gutters may seem like a fairly minor part of the home, but they do a lot in terms of protecting the building from water damage. If gutters are maintained properly and regularly cleaned, they can last for several years, but eventually gutters must be replaced. A major sign that it is time to replace gutters water leakage from the joints. While this can sometimes be fixed without replacing the entire gutter, most of the time the gutters are too deteriorated to properly repair. Another sign that gutters need replacing is water just sitting in the gutter. This means there is a draining problem that may be irreparable.

Sagging gutters or gutters that hang low around the house are typically too old to be securely reattached. This sign is easier to catch since it does not rely on rainwater. and it alerts homeowners to the problem before water starts pooling around the home’s foundation. Severely cracked or dented gutters should also be replaced because they disrupt the flow of the water as it drains.

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