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Common Types of Window Materials

An experienced leader within the building industry, Charles Goodman of San Francisco is the president of Discount Builder’s Supply. He oversees operations in all departments, including doors and windows. Together with his team of experts, Charles “Charlie” Goodman provides customers in San Francisco with a complete range of window materials designed for all types of buildings.

There is a wide variety of window materials available, and each has its own unique look and advantages. Wood is a more traditional material for windows, but it is still very popular. Although hardwood windows are often more expensive, they are very versatile and can easily be painted or given a natural finish to match most homes. They also are relatively easy to protect, requiring only some oil or paint. For many older homes that still have wood windows upgrading to vinyl windows is often a better option. Vinyl windows are currently the most commonly used material, and they provide better heat and sound insulation while having lower maintenance requirements than most other materials.

Commercial buildings are more likely to use aluminum windows because they are stronger than both vinyl and wood. Aluminum keeps framing widths as small as possible, and it can support larger pieces of glass, ensuring buildings get the most out of their window space. Fiberglass is another popular choice for buildings with more regular designs. It is also very strong and has good insulating properties. However, since fiberglass cannot be bent, most specialty window model are not available with the material.

Understanding that purchasing new windows is a big investment and an important decision, the staff of Discount Builder’s Supply is committed to taking the time and answering all questions to ensure customers are able to make an informed choice. The staff will knowledgeably address all measurement, hardware, and style and color queries. For more information, visit http://www.discountbuilderssupplysf.com/departments/doors-windows.


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