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An Overview of Mount Zion Health Fund

Previously a San Francisco building materials general partner from 1967 through 2000, Charles Goodman has served in various other capacities, including as the chairman of Shifting Gears USA and a chairman emeritus of Marin Sonoma Concours d’Elegance. An active community member, Charles Goodman also operated as the mayor of Ross, a town north of San Francisco. As part of his charitable work, Charlie Goodman has raised funds for organizations like Mount Zion Hospital.

Established in 1887, Mount Zion Hospital is committed to serving individuals in need through its teaching, research, and patient care divisions. Part of the network of hospitals of the University of California, San Francisco, Mount Zion includes a cancer center, women’s health center, and the UCSF Patient Health Library.

The library and other improvements throughout the hospital’s history were funded partially or wholly by Mount Zion Health Fund (MZHF), which was formally established in 1990. Committed to supporting the hospital’s traditions, MZHF maintains membership in the Peninsula, Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, and Marin and Sonoma Counties. Past MZHF grants have been awarded to expand the Sonoma County Jewish Free Clinic, fund a school sports injury outreach program, and provide one-on-one counseling for caregivers.


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